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A filmmaker from the East Village now living in Mexico City, Nick Zedd was in-house multi-media designer/DJ/VJ at the legendary Art Space in NYC.
His books include Totem of the Depraved and Bleed.
Mister Zedd invented death rock in 1979 when he created the groundbreaking super-8 feature They Eat Scum.
Other achievements include the Theory of Xenomorphosis and the Cinema of Transgression, a term he coined in 1985 while editing the Underground Film Bulletin in NYC.
VHS compilations released by MVD include Generation Z, War is Menstrual Envy and The Wild World of Lydia Lunch.
DVD collections include Abnormal: The Sinema of Nick Zedd released by Rubric in 2001 and Geek Maggot Bingo released by MVD in 2002 which includes such extras as Thus Spake Zarathustra, Elf Panties and Lord of the Cock Rings.
With the Zyklon Beatles he released the single Consume and Die on Rubric Records in 2000.
Nick Zedd has acted in such films as Whay About Me, The Manhattan Love Suicides, Submit to me Now and Bubblegum.
He also starred in the occult off-off Broadway thriller The Intruder by Maurice Maeterlinck in 2001.
Nick Zedd and Penetration Films most recent production is Electra Elf, a superhero series created with and starring Saint Rev Jen.
For the last three years Mr. Zedd has produced a series of oil paintings on canvas, exhibiting them at the ADA Gallery inRichmond, Va and the Microscope Gallery in NYC.


"Nick Zedd makes violent, naked, perverted art films from Hell -- he's my kind of director."
John Waters

"Nick Zedd's films are legendary -- he is a truly seminal figure in the New York underground. Now we have his first book, and I recommend it to anyone interested in the rough underside of our overly-processed culture."
Jim Jarmusch

"I knew I was in love with Nick when he walked into my troll museum looking like a creature from another dimension. I knew it wasn't trolls he was interested in. Luckily, free vodka at a party I'd thrown for Shout, served as a social lubricant, which allowed us to throw off our inhibitions and get together. Nick is a brilliant art star with perfect lips and giant blue elf eyes. He does not fit into this world in any way shape or form yet continues to make art that comes from whatever world he inhabits. He is not afraid to wear pink, which I admire."
Rev Jen

"The elf seared my cornea. Hope my health coverage can handle it!"
Jim Steranko

"This really isn't something you want to be a part of, Asia. Should I call your limo now?"
Harvey Weinstein to Asia Argento during screening of Zedd's I of K9 and Why Do You Exist, 2002.

"Hey, did you hear? Nick Zedd is gonna put me in one of his movies. As long as I'm naked."
Tatum O'Neil, 1996

"I think your movies are really interesting!"
Steven Dourff

"That's the worst possible thing you can say to an artist, Steven."
John Waters

"Oh. Sorry. I mean, I think they're cool." --Steven Dourff, 1996