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A cutting edge drama in which
young lovers struggle to maintain
their sanity in the big city
by surrendering to temptation.

The themes of this movie are love, sexual freedom, loyalty, human insecurity and the strategies people employ to survive and maintain relationships within the unnatural constraints imposed upon them by the economic pressures of capitalism, landlordism and a shrinking work force.

When self-medication becomes a home remedy for vulnerable artists and working class individuals who can’t afford therapy or psychiatric attention, their lives become distorted and altered irrevocably. By abusing drugs and alcohol, extreme behavior becomes a natural consequence of these emotionally tortured creatures, lost in a labyrinth of suppressed desires and subconscious neuroses, buried and unearthed from childhood.

The main characters are nominally attractive but heavily self medicated, trying to maintain socially acceptable identities while scurrying about like rats in a cage invented by unseen market forces. Their lives are dictated by whomever incites their libidos, occasionally deactivated by jealousy and what appear to be insurmountable domestic arrangements. Their intake of alcohol and/or drugs enables them (they think) to circumvent moral constraints imposed upon them by social conventions and religious indoctrination oppressing them while benefiting a ruling class that utilizes guilt over natural human desire, tearing them apart.

The main character is an artist named Eric who uses his sexuality as a means to feel accepted and to have a reason to live. Aside from his limited success as a painter, he occasionally finds creative release from playing records in public places, but in actuality, his lifestyle is his greatest work of art as he navigates human identity through identification with several beautiful women he surrenders to. To him love is surrender, and his ability to forgive and swallow his pride in the face of irrational jealousy and fear experienced by  his chosen lovers places him in a series of dangerous situations. To their dismay, he loves them all.

Eric’s main partner, Sabrina, in an attempt to shut off feelings of shame and guilt over her employment as a sex object in a sleazy peep show, is enticed into heroin addiction by a co-worker. This results in her emotional self destruction as the drug numbs her feelings and she becomes unaware of the alienating effect it has on her relationship with Eric. Uninterested in dictating her behavior and unconcerned about her emotional withdrawal, Eric finds himself drawn to other women including Rhonda, a free spirit with no inhibitions, stuck in a dead-end relationship and unable to leave it due to dwindling job opportunities.

Rhonda becomes a source of comic relief as we witness her domestic disputes and verbal jousting along with her wild abandon in the privacy of her apartment.Eric is later drawn to a cynical and intelligent woman named Gwendolyn who has no idea what she wants in life beyond not hurting anyone or herself. She becomes enmeshed in a torrid affair with Eric fueled by a powerful lust that eclipses everything for them. The fact that they are forced to meet on rooftops, in broom closets and in the back seat of a car for furtive sex only makes them more dedicated to chasing a path of unrestricted hedonism as a means of asserting their humanity.

Everyone involved in this revolving game of furtive lovemaking is attempting to cheat a destiny that has told each of them that they have responsibilities to their landlords, bosses and families. Fate is being spurned and repudiated by their animal lusts, which overpower everything. They are young and free, in spite of the dismal world into which they have been deposited and the consensus reality which they reject as members of a dwindling counter-culture, ignored, despised and marginalized by corporate profiteers imposing a sterilizing gentrification upon them. Their stand is in favor of untrammeled freedom, but their malignant neuroses continue to erode any sense of permanence, security or lasting love. When infected by the diseases of jealousy, alcoholism, drug addiction and social conformity, they become dancing puppets of rage and passion, expelling huge doses of psychodrama in order to legitimize their unfulfilled potential, held back by a hideous society of dull conformists marching in lockstep to social engineering and the science of mind control, fabricated in corporate boardrooms, religious dungeons and municipal councils.

The wanton behavior of the free spirits depicted in this film are based on real people from my own life and will be played by some extraordinary creatures I have met recently. I'm interested in exploring the psychodynamics of abnormality as manifested by young and vulnerable humans, passionately trying to find love in a world designed to eradicate and mutate anything resembling it, because survival and the maintenance of a system of simulation and false values precludes everything in our modern world, designed to stamp out the behavior exhibited in this film. The animal lusts of the main characters is a cry for attention, acceptance and belonging, coming from a generation with no sense of direction, betrayed by their respective governments, leaders and educational systems in the waning days of predatory capitalism.

Redemption, the final theme, is discovered at the end when something resembling love appears to spring from an abyss of rejection, pain and fear as the main characters appear to connect again, perhaps continuing an endless spiral of irrational yet exhilarating self expression in a landscape of uncertainty.

The visual style is realistic, no frills, hand-held camera or simple use of tripod. Available lighting and sound. Non-professional actors showing real emotions hopefully based on experience. Rehearsed and performed spontaneously.

Nick Zedd.